Energypac-Universal Cables JV Win BDT 325 Crore Contract from DPDC for Renovation & Augmentation of Existing 33/11kV Substations on Turnkey Basis

Publish Date: 07/13/2020

Energypac to renovate and augment 14 nos. 33/11kV substations on turnkey basis of power distribution system development project under DPDC. The turnkey project also includes 33kV underground source line cable laying of 145km to create connection between 14 substations under DPDC. The substations will include 05 nos. 28/35MVA, 33/11kV and 10 nos. 20/28MVA, 33/11kV, 3 phase power transformers, along with 33kV CRP11kV CRP and LV AC-DC Panel to be manufactured by Energypac.

DPDC’s reconstruction projects support the facilities of power distribution and transmission in Dhaka, where the demand for electricity is especially high.