33/11kV, 16/20 MVA Substation Ongoing for Ahmed Wood Crafts Pvt. Ltd

Publish Date: 07/13/2020

Energypac is in the process of constructing a 33/11kV, 16/20 MVA substation equipment for Ahmed Wood Crafts Pvt. Ltd.. The substation will include 1 set of 33/11kV, 16/20 MVA transformer with OLTC & RTCC panel33kV isolator33kV, 30MVA CT33kV HT switchgear (outgoing VCB)control & protection panel with differential relay and 33kV lighting arrestor. The entire product range will be designed and manufactured by Energypac in-house.                                                                             

DPDC’s reconstruction projects support the facilities of power distribution and transmission in Dhaka, where the demand for electricity is especially high.