Super Enameled Aluminum round wire

Super Enameled Aluminum Round Wire

The demand of aluminum magnet wires in many industrial applications has sky rocketed due to unprecedented increase in copper rates. To cater this demand, we proudly declare the addition of super enameled aluminum magnet wires in the product armory. These are manufactured as per Indian as well international standards and as per the specifications given by the customers. The product is available in different sizes, types and grades of covering to cater to specific needs for special fields of applications. The latest technology is adopted for manufacturing to offer high quality products. Aluminum is used as a conductor material, its lower conductor material; its lower conductivity requires a wire size that is approximately one third larger than that of a copper wire. In the end however, the insulating material used with the wire plays a crucial role in performance and an aluminum wire can process the same current carrying capacity as a H07RN-F copper wire.